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Greater Days Are Ahead

By Reverend Michael Farias

Greater Than Gold President

One of my tasks as a young Bible School student at Global Youth Evangelism Missionary Training Center decades ago was assembling Bible studies, by hand.

Myself and other students would walk around an 8-foot-long table stacking pages so the person at the end of the table could staple them.

The product we were assembling came to be known as the Christian Worker Bible Study Series.  It eventually took off and was distributed throughout the world as a training/ discipleship resource in more than 20 languages and in over 70 countries.  Millions have been distributed since those early days I spent around the table.

There was no way a small Bible school with less than 50 students could have kept up with demand.  Fortunately, wisdom prevailed and the then President of Global Youth Evangelism invested in modern technology in order to increase production and fulfill the mission.

That technology was a printing press, and later a second press was added.  Even today, some 40 years later, there are traces of black stains on some of the concrete floors of the print shop building.  The printing presses took trained, skilled personnel to operate them, and production costs were high.

Fortunately, wisdom prevailed again when the organization switched to modern photo copier technology.  Ink was replaced by toner.  Rhythmic mechanical pounding was replaced by a steady hum from the high capacity copiers, and a skilled machinist labor force was replaced by less expensive personnel.  All of these changes came in an effort to carry out the mission.

I re-connected with Global Youth Evangelism in 2013 after 30 years of no affiliation. I became a Board Member and then its President in 2015, and I recognized that once again, it was time for an upgrade in methodology and technology in order to continue to carry out the mission.

We have been working hard, and God has met us and blessed our vision and efforts to use state of the art technology made simple, in order to carry out the mission.  We are excited to be offering the same Bible studies you are accustomed to, and have enjoyed for years, in a much more user-friendly manner.

Today you can go to our new, easier to use website and get your Bible studies with a push of a button.  You will not have to wait for snail mail or for the carrier in the brown truck to drop them off any more.  You will not have to pay for shipping and handling.  You can print them out in your pajamas if you’d like, in the comfort and convenience of your home, church or office.  Through our digital store or Partnership Agreement, you can print out and distribute as many as you need, whether it’s for personal study, your small group, or even your entire church or the entire prison population you serve.  You are only restricted by your vision and imagination.

I’m reminded of the Temple building initiative during the time of Ezra.  It was going to be different than the way things were during the magnificent Temple that King Solomon built.  The prophet Haggai asked in Haggai 2:3  ‘Who is left among you who saw this  temple in its former glory? And how do you see it now? In comparison with it, is this not in your eyes as nothing? 

Sometimes we look at the past and declare it “the good old days,” and think that things will never be the same.  But I don’t believe God wants things to be the same, I believe he wants them to get better.  Thank God, I am not still walking around that 8-foot table stacking papers by hand.  Thank God for the forward thinking leaders who facilitated the distribution of millions of Bible studies.  God had a response and a promise to the question Haggai asked; it is this:

Haggai 2:9 ‘The glory of this latter  temple shall be greater than the former,’ says the Lord of hosts.

This is what I expect and believe; that what we are doing now will be greater than what we have done before.

Have a Greater Than Gold Day