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How To Start A Bible Study With Your Family

By Andrea Lucado

Friend of Greater Than Gold


Just a few weeks ago, many parents were wishing they had more time with their families. Now, all you have is time. This season in our world has forced families back together, which is both good and difficult. Juggling work and your child’s school is a challenge. Preventing your children from fighting and bickering all day is a challenge. Getting alone time as a couple or as an individual might feel nearly impossible.

This is certainly a season where families will be tested, but it is also a great opportunity to grow as a family, get to know one another, and be stronger as a result. One way to do this is by starting a Bible study together. Maybe this is something you’ve wanted to do with your family, but haven’t had time. Now, you certainly have time, but maybe you’re not sure how. It doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. Your kids, and you as parents, can benefit greatly from just a few minutes a day or week of studying together. And, it can be fun! Here are some tips to get started.

Pick a time and stick to it.

Something that’s important during this season of life is routine. With schools being let out and parents sent home to work, it’s easy to think of these weeks and months as an extended summer vacation, but routine is what will keep you sane. Pick a time that your family Bible study can fit into your routine. Evening will probably be best since you won’t be distracted with the day ahead. Have everyone sit around the table or in the living room and try to start around the same time each day, or week.

Your kids will appreciate the routine and the settled feeling it gives them, and you won’t find yourself scrambling to make time for family Bible study. It will be built into your schedule.

Pick a topic or character to study.

Topical or character studies are ideal for families. Choose something timely such as courage or love or service and see what you can learn about those topics in the Bible. You could also choose one section of the Bible to study. The Psalms are beautifully written, family friendly, and uniquely expresse the the intimate daily life of God and His people. Greater Than Gold's Psalms I study is free during the month of May 2020 to help you get started!

Have fun.

Get creative with your study time. Incorporate a game, go on a walk outside, do a craft—whatever your family would enjoy together. Studying the Bible as a family doesn’t mean you have to sit and quietly read the Bible. Make the Bible fun by playing Bible trivia, Pictionary, or making the Word come alive in a new and exciting way that will relate scripture to your everyday lives.

Leave room for questions.

The Bible can be confusing, especially for kids. Leave time at the end of your Bible study for your children to ask questions about what they learned. You don’t have to know the answers to all of their questions. You can look up the answers together or tell your child to research it and come back with any answers he finds. Questions don’t have to be scary. That’s how we all continue to learn and grow in our faith.

If you’ve ever wanted to start a Bible study with your family, now is the perfect time. Don’t be intimidated. Make it fun, keep it simple, and make sure your kids know questions are welcome. Studying the word together is powerful. It can bond you more deeply as a family, create a sense of peace and calm in your home, and provide comfort during an uncertain time. Remember what Jesus said: “…where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20, NIV).