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The content of the 88 original Christian Worker Bible Study Series has not changed! The Basic Studies and The Advanced Studies are all still available for our partners, or you can purchase individual printable study files here. The covers have been updated to reflect our new brand, and the copyright pages have changed to give you permission to make copies of the studies for your needs. Inside, you will find the same Q&A format that you have grown to love for the last several decades. You can read more about our story here or a blog about our transition to digital here.

When we talk about purchasing a printable study from us, what we mean is that you can purchase a downloadable PDF file, save it to your computer or a disk, and print it out as you need to. While you can use a laptop or a tablet to read the study, most of our customers are still using printed copies of our files. Once you have bought a printable study file from our online store, you have the right to print that study and use it as you need to for your ministry. So for Greater Than Gold, printable means instant, convenient, and cost-saving, but these are still the same studies and format you've been accustomed to for many years. 

Yes. Free answer keys to the consumer books are available here. Simply click on the link, request the answer key you need from the list provided, and you will be sent an email with a downloadable attachment. If you need answer keys for the 88 original Christian Worker Bible Studies, they are available for free download here.

Please fill out a partnership application form here, and we will review your request and get back to you on the status of your application within 24 hours. Upon approval, the username and password you select in the application process will become active and you will have access to our download page. The cover pages have a place for you to add your logo before printing. Greater Than Gold Partners are awarded a license to print and distribute copies during the next 12 months. As we charge nominal fees for both licensing and our consumer studies, and rely heavily on donations and repeat business, we ask that you only print the studies you will distribute during the 12 month period, and renew your agreement with us annually as long as you continue to use our studies. One month before your agreement  expires, you will be sent an email reminding you of your upcoming renewal.


Throughout your year with Greater Than Gold, we simply ask for email updates, pictures, and testimonials letting us know how your ministry is doing. We may also contact you to do a Partner Spotlight to be featured on our social media outlets and newsletter.

Very much so. The simple Q&A approach lends itself to individual or group study.

All of our foreign language translations are available to our partners at no extra charge. The Spanish language studies are accessible through our store here and directly from our partner download page. All other foreign language studies can be requested by our partners by contacting us at 

For all other individual translation needs, please contact us at and we will find a solution that works for your ministry.

By far, Introduction To The Christian Life is the most popular, and this study can be downloaded for free here. Our next most popular consumer title is The Gospel of John, and many ministers’ favorite is Stewardship: It’s Not All About Money.

At this time, the studies are available only through the Greater Than Gold website or through our ministry partnership agreements here, and select titles are available on Amazon

No, Greater Than Gold is an independent non-profit religious corporation and has no denominational affiliation. You can read our story here.

All 88 of the original Christian Worker Bible studies are available digitally here. You can also sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of any page) to be the first to know when updated paperback books are released. Greater Than Gold Bible Studies are sold at the lowest price we can charge to cover our costs. All profit made goes directly to updating additional studies and providing resources for our partner ministries. If you enjoy your Greater Than Gold Study and would like to give to our ministry to expedite our ability to publish additional updated studies, please visit our donation page.

Yes! Each study file is available digitally in our store! As a free sample, The Introduction To The Christian Life is available for free download here. We also partner with churches, prison ministries, and international missions through Partnerships.  Our partners have rights to digital copies of our full library of 88 Bible studies. If you represent a ministry, please contact us about a partnership.

Purchasing a digital, or printable, study from us means that you can download and print booklets as needed. As an example, if you need Psalms I for your small group of 20 individuals, you simply need to purchase one downloadable file and then you can print 20 copies for no additional fee. We simply ask that you keep your purchase within your group or ministry and refer others to our website when  recommending the studies! The new format brings you a significant cost savings, and our users have been thrilled with how much they can save by buying online and printing on their own!

Read more about how we made these decisions here.

Yes, Greater Than Gold partners with missionaries and prison ministries around the world, and we are always looking for new partners and translators. If you're interested in ways to get involved with the Greater Than Gold ministry, please contact us here.

Greater Than Gold’s ministry partners pay us an affordable annual licensing fee that helps cover our administrative costs and contributes to updating the remaining studies in our library into our new format. Our books are sold at the lowest price possible, hopefully ensuring that the Word of God gets spread growing His Kingdom. Therefore, donations are always accepted to help us update and publish more Bible studies.

Yes, certificates of completion are available for free download here.