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The Road To Mexico

By Reverend Michael Farias 

Greater Than Gold President


For many years, Spanish translations of our Bible studies were distributed to Mexico and Latin America; and then they weren’t.


At one time, our Bible studies were printed in Ensenada, Mexico by an Ensenada pastor named Ariel Cortez.  He had been trained in the art of printing at our headquarters in Orland, California on an old printing press.  That press was later transported to Ensenada, and pastor Ariel pumped out Bible studies by the thousands.  I met Pastor Cortez in the early 1980’s while on a mission trip in Mexico. 


At that time, there was also a woman of God named Daria who translated many of the 88 titles from English into Spanish. After they were printed, she was very successfully distributing the Bible studies to pastors and leaders throughout Mexico and Latin America. Unfortunately, that all came to an end nearly two decades ago.  The printing press succumbed to old age and failed, and the model of printing in the states and shipping to Ensenada, Mexico was very unreliable and extremely expensive.  It seemed to be the end of the story.


The Apostle Paul is known for three great missionary journeys.  He traveled by boat and by foot in his quest to fulfill the great commission.  The roads of the Roman empire were not the highways we have today, but they were the best that technology had to offer at the time. I’m sure these roads were appreciated and well-traveled.


A few months ago, out of the blue, I was contacted by a lady named Daria.  She was in Ensenada, Mexico and wanted to talk about Bible studies.  While I had heard stories about Daria, I had never met her or talked with her before that phone call.


Suddenly, we realized that God was making an amazing connection.  What’s even more wonderful is that she was calling on behalf of my old acquaintance, Pastor Ariel Cortez. The purpose for the call was their desire to once again distribute our Bible studies throughout Mexico and Latin America.


We scheduled a meeting in Mexico in order to catch up and to discuss strategy. My wife and I made the trip, and I was honored to preach at Pastor Ariel’s church, Evangelismo Global (pictured below).  Daria served as my interpreter.  This connection after so many years is nothing short of amazing.


Daria and Ariel had a burning desire to once again distribute our Bible studies to Pastors and ministry leaders throughout Mexico and Latin America, and I had a burning desire to see this happen, but things work differently now.  We couldn’t just pick up where we left off.   The model of paper, printing, packaging and postage has become obsolete.  They were excited to learn that Greater Than Gold is now offering a new model.


I explained that the new model was faster, more reliable, and less costly than the old model.  The solution is the Information Super Highway - the Internet.  This new highway allows our Bible studies to travel at speeds and prices never imagined possible, and to transport Bible studies digitally, around the world, with the simple push of a button.


I am thrilled to announce that Greater Than Gold is entering into a relationship with Daria and Pastor Ariel (pictured with me, below) and they will soon, once again, be distributing Bible studies throughout Mexico and Latin America.


This time, though, the Bible studies will travel on the latest and greatest roads technology has to offer.



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